Simple Lunch Idea

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Simple Lunch Idea

Coming up with ideas for food can be exhausting. The constant need to know what to cook as a parent isn’t fun. So this is a simple lunch idea that will take you minutes to pull together, and will leave the hungry toddler or preschooler satisfied (and it’s so yummy that you’ll be wanting to eat some too!).

Have you seen our new bento plates? They are amazing for creating simple lunches for the kids (and yourself!)

A purple bento plate with a simple lunch idea served on it

Let’s pull together a simple lunch idea, and the best part – if you’re kids don’t like something we’ve suggested, simply swap it out for something that they do!

There’s 5 different spaces available in the bento plate, so we always try to include some healthy fats, fruit and veggies, protein, and a grain or two. 

Healthy Fats

Some ideas for this include your cheese, bacon and avocado. In the picture you can see some muffins with avocado and bacon [drool emoji] But some other ideas might be creating bacon and cheese scrolls or mini pizzas. You might even just add some avocado sticks for the kids or create some guacamole and enjoy with some veggies sticks!

Fruit and Veggies

We always love to include some yummy in-season fruit and veg. Why? Not only is it usually cheaper but it tastes delicious! With the veggies, we love to cut them into sticks which make them perfect for dips, meanwhile fruits that are easy to grab are fun to include.


When it comes to including protein in your little ones lunch, it will come down to what they love the most. Bacon, eggs, ham, chicken, and so on. We always suggest including this as something that they will LOVE! You might whip up a batch of our easy fried rice and include some egg, chicken and bacon within it to add some extra protein for them. Or it might be adding a hard boiled egg to the plate if you’re kids love eggs!


We love grains because they usually contain carbs, which gives kids that more sustained energy boost during the day. You might include a sandwich, muffins, crackers or corn chips. But you might also think about making a dish with rice or pasta, or even mini muffins.


But my biggest tip for simple lunch ideas? Meal plan and get your kids involved in this process. That way they can have a say around what they are wanting and means that you’re probably going to be less stressed when it comes to choosing meals!