Plant-Based Plate Set – Tropical (19cm)

Our new plant-based plates are made from all-natural sustainable crop fibres, making them THE most eco-friendly dinnerware on the planet. Like, for reals. 19cm

Free from BPAs, toxins, and melamine (adiós, nasties!), these beauties are 100% biodegradable and compostable, which means they’ll go on to have another life if your toddler decides to hide them in the garden. Better yet, they’re microwave and dishwasher safe so that you can spend less time in the kitchen. (Because smarter, not harder, amirite?)

With a curved lip design (perfect for keeping those slippery items safely on the plate), easily-stackable size, and available in two stunning colourways, these plant-based plates are the best thing since…well, whatever you feel like serving up! (No judgement here.)

Product details:

  • Designed in Australia
  • Thoughtfully made from sustainable plant products 
  • 19cm size plates with lip edge - 1 pink, 1 green & 1 yellow
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe
  • Biodegradable and compostable
  • Free from BPA, toxins, and melamine
  • Available in two colourways - Lagoon or Tropical

Bobo&Boo has created durable, eco-friendly dinnerware that can withstand even the fiercest of toddler tantrums. However, we can’t 100% guarantee that our bamboo and plant-based products won’t break when dropped or thrown - especially by a grumpy threenager who doesn’t want to eat their vegetables. The good news is that they won’t shatter like glass or ceramics, but may chip or crack if hurled against hard surfaces. We recommend you treat your bobo&boo goods like you treat your Little Boos: thoughtfully, patiently, and with lots of love.

Available colours

Customer Reviews

Based on 48 reviews
Absolutely Love ❤️

I've been buying these plates, bowls and cups, etc from BoboandBoo for maybe over 5 years now. These plates are indestructible! I mean it. My kids have thrown these plates across the room and on the floor, I have never had to toss a plate. The colour has faded slightly over years +dishwasher use, but still Great condition. They're so pretty, and I hate the boring plastic or cartoon kids plates from the shops.

Karen M

We love this crockery it is easy to clean lasts well. in the event something does go wrong this company absolutely stands by their warranty. Great customer service, before and after sales. Colours are lovely as well😊

Hi Karen, you are so kind to say! Thanks for the lovely feedback :) We are so happy to hear this :)
With love, Hanako (Bobo&boo Customer Happiness Rep)


I like them, just a shame they have a small shape printed on the bottom of each plate because my toddler is constantly tipping them over to see it. Food everywhere & none of the separate suction silicone things even slightly works on any of the plates or bowls.

Hello, Thanks so much for taking the time to reply. WOW, I am so sorry you are having this issue & wow, such a cutie trying to turn the plate over to look for a print. We added the print to differentiate each production run. Have you tried our silicone suction pads, if not they will be back in stock in around 6 weeks. Fingers crossed they have grown out of this stage but still so cute :) Naomi, chief boo

These are the best!

I love the vibrant colours :)

You're the best Lana :) thanks so much for sharing your feedback!
With love, Hanako (Bobo&boo Customer Happiness Rep)

Peter Corby
20cm plates

Great product. We bought two for microwaving. Shame the bigger plates are not microwave safe as well.

Thanks Peter, we love that the Plant Based range is all microwave safe too!! And appreciate the feedback, will keep that in mind for future product launches :) Warmest, Hanako (Customer Service Guru)

So far so good!

I was looking for a long time to replace silicone plates which held a soapy taste and finally I think I’ve found it - and I didn’t have to resort to plastic! Easy to care for, a good size for toddler meals and so far have survived a few throws to the ground. Would buy again!

Amazing to hear, glad they are serving you guys well! Love hearing such wonderful feedback :) Thank you so much! With love, Hanako (Bobo&Boo Customer Service Guru)

Dorothee Decant-Bustin
Great product & customer service

Bought a set of 3 for our 2 year old. Colours are vibrant, the lip around the plate is great to help keep the food in, they seem quite robust too. Just pop them in the dishwasher and you’re good to go again.

Had a small issue but it was dealt with promptly and in a very friendly manner by their lovely customer service. Would definitely recommend - good for the planet and good for your sanity 🤣

So happy to hear that our dinnerware is helping you stay sane in the wild day to day life as a parent! Loving your feedback and thanks so much for the recommendation :) With love, Hanako (Bobo&Boo Customer Service Guru)

Jessica Matthews
Super happy

Love these plates, the fact you can microwave them is a huge win!

Yay, so glad to hear our plates make you happy! Thanks for the awesome feedback!
With love, Hanako (Bobo&Boo Customer Service Guru)

Best product, best customer service!

We just love Bobo and Boo products and have been using them for years.

Violet helped us so much in getting these delivered in a really tight timeframe - I have never experienced customer service like this anywhere, thank you so much Violet and all the team at Bobo&Boo!

Hi Anna, Appreciate your review. I will also let Violet know her customer service is AMAZING :) Naomi, chief boo

Cindy Werchon
Great plates!

Loved the plates! They are great for the little ones lunches and dinners. We have been using them everyday since they arrived.

Hi Cindy, Thank you for your great review. I have to have at least 2 divided plates each for both my boys haha. Thanks also for the photo, Naomi, chief boo