10 Fun School Holiday Ideas

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kids bamboo cups being used in a picnic

Fun School Holiday Ideas

Did you just realise that school holidays are looming like we did? Yep, they're just around the corner again. And while it might feel like we just had them, it was a good ten weeks ago. So, we thought we would give you a list of fun school holiday ideas to add to your potential to-do list for these upcoming holidays!

kids picnic with bamboo dinnerware

10 ideas here;

  1. Head out camping to your favourite spot! And don't forget to pack your bobo&boo camping set.
  2. Go on a scavenger hunt around your town! It might be that you need to find a particular flower or leaf, get mum or dad a coffee at the local coffee shop, or spot three different birds on your adventure. The list could go on and on, but here's one we created just for you!
  3. Park crawl! Make an effort to visit as many parks as you can in one day. How many can you cross off?!
  4. Visit the museum, art gallery, or whatever else you might have in your town! It can be a great day out, and most have delicious cafes nearby.
  5. Movie day! Grab the popcorn, Maltesers, and set up with all the cushions, blankets, and everything comfy in the lounge room to watch some of your favourite movies during the day!
  6. Create an at-home mini-Olympics! Set up different activities around the house or in the backyard, like a sprint race or beanbag toss, and award medals to the winners.
  7. Bake a yummy treat! Choose a recipe you've never tried before and bake it together as a family. Don't forget to lick the spoon!
  8. Have a games day! Pull out all your favourite board games, card games, and puzzles and spend the day playing together. A new game we love it Phase 10!
  9. Host a backyard picnic! Set up a blanket, bring some sandwiches, and spend the afternoon outside enjoying the sunshine. Get some tips here.
  10. Learn something new! Sign up for a new skill or hobby, like painting, pottery, tennis, writing, cooking or even archery. Sometimes your local library or council will have free or cheap activities in the school holidays.

Are you going to add any of these to your list for these school holidays? Or better yet, drop what you're planning in the comments and help some parents out!