Our bobo&boo dinnerware is made from bamboo fibres, with small amounts of other natural grains such as bran and cornstarch. These natural fibres are mixed with a food-grade binding resin and poured into a mould. They are pressed and baked under high temperature, then polished to make them smooth.

Because the bamboo fibres are a by-product of the bamboo industry, we’re also turning scraps that would otherwise go to waste into something useful. Pretty rad, huh?

That’s just fancy-schmancy talk for the tiny inclusion of a non-toxic, food safe melamine binder that is required to make our products dishwasher safe. It is mixed with the natural bamboo fibres to help extend the life of your bobo&boo dinnerware and keeps it in tip-top shape.

As much as we wish our bamboo products could be made of 100% organic elements, we also understand the value and importance of creating dishwasher-safe products in today’s busy society. And we’re not alone; despite what other brands may suggest, we have done extensive manufacturing research and are not aware of any bamboo dinnerware products currently on the market that are 100% melamine free. But we keep on searching…

We don’t want to create any parentnoia (see what we did there? *wink*) and we assure you that all our products are 100% non-toxic, food safe and comply with all standards and regulations; but as we value honesty and transparency with our tribe, we just wanted to be upfront about that.

Our bobo&boo dinnerware is not coated or painted with anything, which means you needn’t worry about flaking, peeling, or leaching of colour.

The vibrant colours come from a minute amount of food-safe mineral pigment that is added to the bamboo fibre and mixed into the product, rather than layered or coated on top. This process ensures that your bobo&boo products last longer and remain safe, regardless of age and use.

Sure are! All bobo&boo products are free from BPA, PVC, Phthalates, Lead, Cadmium, and Mercury *yippee!* That’s why they are food safe and approved by the LFGB & FDA.

We also stringently test all our products for safety and quality, so you can feel confident when purchasing from us.

All of our items are lovingly designed in Australia and carefully made in China.

We work closely with factories that are focused on eco-friendly and non-toxic products, and we are always looking for ways to make our products more ethically responsible and accountable.

Unfortunately, nothing is completely indestructible. Except maybe Superman (and we’re sure even he has his bad days…)

While bobo&boo has created durable, eco-friendly dinnerware that can withstand even the fiercest of toddler tantrums, we can’t 100% guarantee that our bamboo products won’t break when dropped or thrown (especially by a grumpy threenager who doesn’t want to eat their vegetables).

The good news is that it won’t shatter like glass or ceramics, but it may chip or crack if hurled against hard surfaces. We recommend you treat your bobo&boo goods like you treat your Little Boos: thoughtfully, patiently, and with lots of love.

Absolutely! We know how busy you are, so we’ve ensured all of our products are completely dishwasher safe.

For longevity, we do recommend placing them on the top shelf of the dishwasher, where the water temperature is a little lower.

As awesome as our products are, we haven’t yet mastered the mighty microwave. To ensure your bobo&boo products stay in their beautiful original condition, we don’t recommend microwaving them.

If microwaving is necessary, we recommend using a glass or ceramic product over plastic (even BPA free plastics) and then transferring the cooked items to a bobo&boo product.

Bamboo is a natural, renewable resource that supports a healthier lifestyle (and the planet). As one of the fastest growing and most resilient plants in the world, it requires very little water and no fertiliser.

All bobo&boo bamboo dinnerware is made from bamboo industry by-products, meaning less impact on the environment. And because it’s biodegradable, it won’t end up in landfill *fistbump*.

Bamboo dinnerware allows you to make a healthier choice for your Little Boo now and keep the planet in good shape for their future.

Due to warehouse logistics, the team at bobo&boo are unable to split up packaged sets to mix colours and/or styles on your behalf. Trust us; it would be chaos.

We have mindfully designed our range so that all items, regardless of style or colour, can be mixed and matched without clashing. That’s why many of our customers buy multiple sets so they can mix and match themselves, or designate one colour per child. And since we price our products to make sure they are affordable, you can buy as many sets as you like, guilt-free (unlike that box of chocolates you ate during last night’s Netflix and chill session).

For colour mixing ideas and table décor inspiration, follow @boboandboo over on Instagram and Facebook – that’s where our squad likes to hang out – or join the Boo Crew for exclusive offers, VIP sneak peeks, and member-only discounts!

Pfft, beats me. We’re still figuring that one out for ourselves…

Plant Based

Just like our bamboo dinnerware, these babies are thoughtfully and lovingly designed in Australia and then created with a lotta’ heart and eco-lovin’ vibes by our production partners in China.

Glad you asked. Our new range is made using a plant-based resin created from renewable fibres extracted from crops like corn and sweet potatoes. Better still, they’re free from BPAs and melamine, which means zero toxins and nasties – hooray! So while you may not be able to get your kids to eat their greens, at least you can give yourself a high-five for making sure their dinnerware is chock-full of plant-y goodness.

You betcha’! It’s taken us a few years, but we’ve finally come up with the goods that can handle the heat of the dishwasher and the microwave.

To create our plant-based range, we use a new, fancy-schmancy injection mould process, which leaves a small insertion hole on the underside of the plate/bowl/cup. So, if you’re not sure which one is which, flip it over and check for the little pinhole on the back. (Go ahead, check it out. We’ll wait here.)

Excellent question! PLA (or polylactic acid, for all those smarty-pants parents playing at home) is a bioplastic derived from renewable resources like corn starch, sugar cane, straw, woodchips – even good ol’ veggies!

Instead of using nasty chemicals like petroleum (#gross) to create long-lasting products, our super-smart science-y pals have figured out a way to bind natural, renewable biomass sources together with resin to form reusable and earth-kind products. (And that, my friend, is why they get to wear the fancy white lab coats while we still have last night’s spaghetti sauce on our t-shirts. Go figure.)

Good news! Our plant-based plates, bowls, and cups are 100% compostable, which means if you lose one in the line of fire (aka a toddler meltdown of epic proportions), it will go on to have another life as part of your garden mulch. (#BetterThanTheBin)

We also sell our plant-based items in singles so you can steal borrow your kid’s pocket money to replace your missing pieces without having to buy a whole new set.

You sure can! But honestly, they love being part of a crew, so feel free to buy them a few extra breakfast buddies to hang out with (*wink*).

Chuck ‘em in the dishwasher and let the machine do its job! But if you feel like getting back to basics, give them a good ol’ bubble bath in the sink with hot water and dry with a clean tea towel (the fluffier, the better).

Look, we’re the first to say that we love our bamboo dinnerware like we love our kids; however, we’ve also always been the first to openly admit that even our bamboo goods come with a teeny-tiny amount of food-grade melamine in them. That’s why we’ve spent the last few years searching the globe for the technology to create another option for those mamas and papas who want a genuine melamine-free dinnerware option. It’s all part of our ‘Do better. Be better.’ philosophy, as we do our bit to make the planet a better, brighter place for our little Boos.

To help you out, we made this handy little cheat sheet:

Bamboo Plant-Based
Made from renewable bamboo fibres with small amounts of other natural grains such as bran and cornstarch Made from renewable fibres extracted from crops like corn, wheat, and sweet potatoes
Traces of a food-safe melamine resin Plant-based resin, zero melamine
Classic bobo&boo logo on the underside Tiny injection hole on the underside
Dishwasher safe Dishwasher AND microwave safe
Biodegradable Biodegradable AND compostable
Free from BPAs, non-toxic, food-safe, and complies with all standards and regulations What they said
Loved by pandas Loved by vegans
Sneaks extra servings of dessert when no one’s watching Thinks One Direction is the worst band EVER

BamBOO Straws

Our handmade BamBOO straws come straight outta’ the heart of Indonesia, the home of several native bamboo species – including the ones that helped create these little gems.

Our straws are made from 100% natural and sustainably-sourced bamboo. We promise that you won’t find any glues, lacquers, plastics, toxins, BPAs, or any other nasties in our straws. In fact, they’re so natural even a panda would happily chow down on these babies.

Each straw measure 15cm in length, which means they’re purposefully designed for small cups (and smaller mouths). Most bamboo straws currently on the market are 20cm+ long, which any mum will tell you leads to more spillages, especially in the hands (lips?) of a toddler with limited fine-motor skills. (We’ve all been there.)

Our straws also measure 8-10mm in diameter, which makes them wide enough for sippin’ smoothies, milkshakes, soups, frozen drinks, melted ice cream – basically, all the liquid-y things that can be tackled by a spoon but are a lot more entertaining to suck down through a straw. Because FUN. (Side note: Also excellent for parents looking to down a frozen margarita when the kids aren’t watching.)

Just like each kid has their own set of unique features, our handmade straws are one-of-a-kinds that may have special markings due to the natural bamboo material – but that doesn’t mean you’ll love them any less. (Kinda’ like freckles, only cuter.) Likewise, the diameter of each straw may also slightly vary, because they’re handmade from bamboo shoots which come in all different (wonderful!) shapes and sizes – just like us parents.

Good news! Our bamboo straws are 100% compostable, which means if you lose one in the line of fire (a.k.a a tantrum of epic proportions), it will go on to have another life as part of your garden mulch. Yay for second chances!

Sorry, but we only sell them in packs of four. Trust us; you’ll be grateful for the backups.

Each pack includes a nifty, flexible, plastic-free cleaning brush so you can reach allllll the way down these skinny suckers. Hooray for sparkly-clean straws!

It sure is! Our brushes are made from plant-based fibres sourced from the sisal plant, a super-cool product sustainably harvested from the leaves of the Agave cactus plant. 100% plastic-free? CHECK.

To clean your straws, we recommend rinsing in clean water, giving the insides a little tickle with the included cleaning brush and some dishwashing liquid, then leaving to dry. If you’re not using your straws for an extended period of time, store them in the freezer to prolong their life. Oh, and don’t ever leave your straws soaking in washing water – it ruins the bamboo. (Ew.)

Looking to boost your cleaning powers? Every few months, boil some water with a dash of salt or vinegar and soak your straws for a few minutes. This will rid them of any lurking nasties and keep them looking (and smelling) super fresh!

You mean besides the fact that it’s estimated as many as 8.3 billion plastic straws pollute the world’s beaches?

*Pause to let that number sink in.*

Our reusable straws are made from natural, sustainable, compostable bamboo which will organically decompose in your garden and leave zero-waste behind at the end of their life – unlike their plastic counterparts which take anywhere from 50 to 200 years to break down. (Yuck.) And since we’re all about raising little Boos who are going to change the world for the better, it makes sense that we start showing them how to do it where it matters: here and now.

It’s simple: Ditch the plastic. Buy reusable. Do better. Be better.