Plastic Free July - 5 Simple Tips

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Celebrate Plastic Free July with our bamboo straws

Here at bobo&boo HQ, we love being a part of this growing community of brands & consumers opting for eco-friendly, plastic-free alternatives and we don't reckon there's a better cause to get behind this month then Plastic Free July.

Plastic Free July is a worldwide initiative that helps millions of people join in and be part of the solution to combating plastic pollution – doing so means we can benefit from cleaner water, streets & communities. And by saying no to plastic, we're also reducing our families exposure to it's toxic effect on our bodies.

So how do we do this? Check out our top tips below to get started.

Go reusable

With so many innovative options available these days, there's really no excuse not to go reusable. One great swap is to say adios to plastic straws, those little guys do so much damage to our environment, waterways and not to mention our wildlife. Most reusable straws are compact enough to fit in your bag (so you can take them anywhere) & come with super handy cleaning accessories yay! You can check out our super cool bamBOO straws here. Another great idea, avoid single-use tableware as these instantly end up in landfill and waterways, we might even know where you could get some great individual plant-based goodness.

bobo&boo bamboo straws in our bamboo & plant-based cups

Give Up Bottled Water

Did you know that we consumed 400 billion plastic bottles globally in 2016, and it takes each plastic bottle up to 1000 years to decompose? With numbers like that, it's easy to see why looking for an alternative is so important. There are some great stainless steel water bottles available all in various budget ranges, a quick google and you could be giving a reusable waterbottle a new home. Our friends at Montii have a great range for example.

Don't forget your bags

Doing your weekly shopping? Forgot your reusable bags? We're not judging (it's so easy to do)? But why not try & keep spares in the car so you're not always needing to buy more, those little guys can add up fast. And when you do need to buy more, opt for plastic-free materials such as natural jute or cotton because many supermarkets still use plastic in their reusable bags. Little fresh produce bags are a great option too if you're like me & like to keep your fruit & veg seperate.

All about snacks

Remember getting your tuckshop in a paper bag? How excited were you to see those guys roll into the classroom! Why not resurrect an old tradition for your little one's snacks, lunches or treats and take a trip down memory lane at the same time. Paper lunch bags are available at most supermarkets. Or better yet, use reusable plastic-free food containers instead. You don't have to look far, there are so many amazing & fun options for lunch boxes & snack bags.

 Give your dishes a makeover

Do you still have plastic dishes in your kid's tableware drawer? Are your old dishes looking tired? When you're replacing them, always look for a sustainable brand that won't hurt the earth or your little ones. We might happen to know an amazing kids bamboo & plant-based dinnerware brand 😉 Don't throw out the old ones out just yet though, let them go on to live another life for arts & crafts, donate to your local op-shop or give Fido a brand new dish, he'll love you for it.

Plastic free kids dinnerware