Explore With Boo: How to Create the Perfect (and Easy) Outdoor Picnic (Includes FREE Scavenger Hunt Download for the Kids!)

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our bamboo dinnerware being used in an outdoor picnic

Getting back to nature and having a good old-fashioned outdoor picnic is one activity a bustling, busy, on-the-go family can defs get behind. 

our bamboo dinnerware being used in an outdoor picnic

 It's fair to say a greater part of our daily lives are usually spent inside, and in some cases, inevitably locked behind a screen — or three!

 Grabbing all the essentials and taking your little troop out into leafy locales with great food does sound like hard work. Naturally, this makes any sane parent double guess the decision and opt for something a little less, let’s say, taxing. (Sound familiar?) 

 But, folks, it doesn’t have to be a huge effort! When it comes to picnics, the adage ‘less is more’ could never be more accurate, and the chances you'll create beautiful and side-splitting funny memories — with the simplest setup — are incredibly high. And if you’re anything like us, we’re sure you’ll like the sound of those odds very much. (*Fistbump*) 

 Sunshine, gentle breezes, sounds of nature, and beaming smiles are the blueprint for what perfect picnics can and should be. Feel like this is something you could get behind? Let our easy-peasy guide to creating the perfect (and easy!) outdoor picnic bring you and your loved ones a stress-free al fresco adventure any day of the week, guaranteed.

 Location, location, location.

Perhaps the biggest turn off for those seeking an unspoilt picnic experience is the task of finding a suitable spot. 

 Somewhere along the way, we’ve been conditioned to think picnics need to come with amazing vistas, picture-perfect backdrops, and the very best weather. (Thanks, Instagram). 

 Sure, that'd be great. However, the truth is that finding those setups isn't always possible for everyone on every given day. You could do your research and drive for hours to a remote, pristine edge of paradise only for the heavens to open up (because NATURE), or you stumble across a footy team well into their annual end-of-season BBQ. (And possibly their third - loud, drunken, off-key - rendition of Daryl Braithwaite’s classic ‘The Horses’).

 Nearby spaces that you might pass every day from your home - such as a park across the street or a nature reserve you’ve never been to - can offer you a quick and pleasant escape into nature with much less effort required (*sips fifth coffee of the day*). You’ll be surprised how once you’ve sat in these often-passed spaces, your perspective of them - and where you live – can begin to change!

picnic time with bobo&boo

 The beach, too, is often overlooked for picnics ideas; because once you’ve had one sandy sandwich, there’s no going back (#RealTalk). 

 Yet, the beach starts and ends somewhere. Unfurl your blanket in the dunes or a grassy area before it turns into sand, and avoid chowing down on a mouthful of sand-covered chips. 

 The most enjoyable and accessible place for you and the family to enjoy back-to-basics eating outside can, in fact, be closer to home than you think. 

 Why not your backyard - or even a balcony? (We told you this could be easy.)

 The act of coming together over mealtimes is already pretty darn special. Still, when you strip back the normality of tables and chairs, you begin to appreciate the simple things: being able to sit closer, passing one another food, pinching a chip off someone’s plate, and making eating together a joyful and fun-filled occasion — not a tedious chore.

 Backyards are an extension of your home, an extra room. Pull out a blanket and prepare to make your regular mealtimes the interactive and laughter filled occasion they deserve to be! 

 Keep it simple and practical – but make it FUN.

Like any good expedition out into the wild, you’ll be prepared for anything if you pack the right gear. 

 Way too many people pack for picnics like they’re ascending the North Face of Mount Everest. Reality check: your average family picnic won’t have avalanches and life-threatening frostbite! (Well, it shouldn’t.)

 That said, here’s our go-to list of essentials and activities we think every outdoor meal – be it on your lawn or by a waterfall — will benefit from. 


Fairly stock standard, huh? Ensuring you have the right blanket for the job can be a game of hit and miss. Make sure you have the right size, made from a comfortable material, and a jazzy pattern that will make outdoor eating a lot more stylish (#StrikeAPose). 


Anything will do the job — even a laundry basket! If you don’t get hung up on how it looks and prefer functionality, you can easily transport whatever you need. Should you need to keep things chilled, opt for a chiller/esky. Easy.  

 Garbage Bag 

Think ahead and save yourself a headache when it comes to packing up and calling it a day. Also: it helps you to sidestep any yucky, smelly, over-stuffed public bins in your area. Eww. No one wants to touch that nasty biz.

 Serving Ware

Upping your picnic game involves arming yourself with top of the range reusable dinnerwarebecause single-use plastic is *so* last century if you haven’t heard. Luckily for you, we at Bobo & Boo have you covered. 

 Our attractive range of plates and bowls are the perfect inclusion for any picnic set and are completely versatile to your needs. Our new charcoal range is the easiest, fuss-free option for all ages, with large plates or divided plates becoming the perfect cheese platter. Oh, and you can’t go past our cute lil’ snack bowls for dips, olives, pickles, lollies - you name it; the options are endless! (#GameChanger).

kids having fun with their outdoor picnic and bobo&boo bamboo dinnerware

 Bug Repellent 

Anyone with a kid will know that unwanted flying/buzzy/stingy guests can upset a tranquil get-together faster than a toddler’s tantrum – but you don’t have to endure discomfort when it comes to bugs and insects! A handy homemade solution is to mix 10ml of lemon eucalyptus oil with 90ml of coconut oil and apply it to the skin to avoid stings and bites. Toxic-free and cheap to make, this will keep everyone happy to be outside (and tear-free).


Ditch the screens and go back to basics with fun and original games that never go out of fashion. Think: frisbees, bats and balls, or even a kite will make your time outside an enjoyable one. Up the ante with competitions and team play. Trust us; a little bit of competition never hurt anyone! 


We all know kids have a curious side, and if your little ones want to think of themselves as modern-day Indiana Joneses, then who are we to stop them? We’ve taken some initiative here at Bobo & Boo (*drum roll*) and designed a fun, engaging, kid-friendly — and adult approved — Scavenger Hunt. Grab your best exploring gear and try your best to find everything on the list; whether it’s against the clock, a sibling, or in no hurry at all, this scavenger hunt is sure to bring some admiration for nature from our little tackers! 

Click to download our Scavenger Hunt

*Psst! Bonus Tip for the Grown-Ups

Whether it’s a cheeky bottle of, ahem, Mummy Only Juice (*wink*) or a craftily concealed 4-pack of chilled tinnies, why not press the reset button whilst the young ones chase butterflies? Both fit perfectly inside a standard kid's beach bucket; just fill 'er up with ice, keep it away from the kids, and you’re sorted. (Don't ask us how we know this; just take our word for it.)