Create a Vegetable Garden

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Create a Vegetable Garden

You might think, “It’s not that hard to create a vegetable garden” and you’re right. It’s not! But the two big factors that will maybe stop you from creating a vegetable garden is space and what to plant!

There are some pretty handy kits out there from the likes of Bunnings where you can create a vegetable garden with just a few clicks and screws into place. Super simple. Then you just add in the soil, and the seeds (or seedlings) and you’re on your way!

But why should you create a vegetable garden?

Well, not only does it assist you in living a more sustainable life (because you’re able to eat what you grow!) but it can do amazing things for the environment too and you’re kids get to develop a wider understanding of how connected things are to the earth and the world around them (not to mention a little science exploration too!)

First step? Choose what you want to plant. Have a family meeting and agree on all the different things that you want to grow. And then look them up. Because we need to know how they like to grow (How much sunlight? When should they be planted? Etc) Then this will hopefully help you group the veggies that you’re planting based on seasons and sunlight needs.

Now it’s time to decided where your vegetable garden will be.

If you are limited on space, pot plants might be a better alternative for you so that they can be easily moved around. But if you have the space, then it’s a great opportunity to map out how many vegetable beds you’re going to set up and organise them in the space that you have. Be sure to take measurements!

So we mentioned that you can get kits from Bunnings to pull them together, or if you’re more of a DIY-er then you can definitely grab the materials you need yourself. And it’s time to create those vegetable gardens! Make sure that you do leave space between them (if you’re making more than one so that you can walk between them!)

Time to get planting!

Once they are built and ready it’s time for the soil and the seeds or seedlings of the chosen veggies. We love to get the kids involved and help with this process, so be sure to have them helping!

And don’t forget to give everything a big drink of water! And keep giving them water (we would like them to grow after all!)

Have you been considering creating a vegetable garden? Well, consider no longer and pop that plan in place and get creating!