When Should You Start Solids?

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When Should You Start Solids?

Ahh, total #mumlife right?! When should you start solids with your little one? Something that most parents question and honestly there's so much conflicting advice out there, how do you even know who or what to listen to when it comes to starting solids? So we thought we would share some of our own advice, because we are mums after all and we've been there before. 

infant eating out of a blue bobo&boo snack bowl

Some Things to Look For

There's some common signs to look for when it comes to starting solids, and the general consensus is:

  • Head and neck control, they can keep their head upright and sit supported
  • Shows an interest in food (looking and reaching for what you're eating!)
  • Opens their mouth when you offer them food on a spoon

Some of these signs can be seen around 6 months, but some show them a little earlier (around the 4 month mark). However it's not recommended to start before 4 months, because their little tummies aren't ready for solids just yet!

Which Meal First?

Now, you're probably wondering which meal should you feed them first? Well, breakfast or lunch is a great place to start. That way if there are any allergic reactions they aren't about to go to sleep so you can monitor more effectively.

To begin with we want to give them their "meal" after a feed, just to give them a little extra before you can then create meal times such as 7am is a feed, and then 8am is breakfast. 

Biggest Tip?

Grab yourself a set of bobo&boo bowls AND the suction pads so meals don't end up on the floor! Why? Because we don't have any nasties in our product (hello plant-based dinnerware!) which means that you know that it's not only safe, but sustainable too.