What do you get you mix 4 boys, a caravan & 4 years on the road?

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What do you get you mix 4 boys, a caravan & 4 years on the road?

What do you get you mix 4 boys, a caravan & 4 years on the road!

A lot of fun!

You might have read my blog on my travels around Aus with my husband & 2 young kids pre covid (if not you can read about it here), we actually met this family while travelling & met up quite a few times along the way. We had been on the road for over a year & these guys had just started their travels. Well, now they have been travelling around Australia full time for over 4 years & still going!

Naomi, chief boo x

4 boys & a caravan travelling around Australia

Tell us about your family & your travelling lifestyle

We are a full-time travel family of 6. Mum (Aimee), Dad (Tom) and our 4 boys. Tyler, Lincoln, Jett, Chase and our puppy Teddy. 

We love living life out of the Norm, spending quality time with our kids while they are young and living life in the now. Hands on learning and experiences over things.

You never know what’s around the corner, life is for living.

What made you decide to head off on your adventures?

We had both always travelled a lot. Tom did a lot of caravanning growing up as a kid and Aimee was always flying somewhere as a kid pretty much between Australia, England and Switzerland. We decided when the kids were young that we would sell up to do an 11 month lap of Australia and then relocate to Queensland. We then fell in love with the lifestyle and haven’t looked back. We are now nearly 5 years later from that moment when we left Melbourne.

4boysandacarava infront of Uluru

How do you afford to live on the road?

Tom runs his own Mobile caravan servicing and repairs business on the road and Aimee sells her photos as well as creating content for tourism boards and various companies. 

What is the coolest thing you have done while travelling? 

We have had some amazing experiences like swimming with whale sharks, appearing on a TV show but for us its the epic beach front locations that are pretty hard to beat. We have had some incredible snorkelling and island adventures which are also a favourite of ours.

The best thing about this lifestyle though would have to be the incredible like minded people we meet along the way. We have met so many amazing families on the road and made friends for life. 

Your eldest is a teenager, how does he find living on the road. What does he like most about it & struggle the most about it.

He absolutely loves it, he is in his element and thrives from this lifestyle. He loves the outdoors and being able to go snorkelling/diving is a real plus side for him. The only struggle he would have is nearly outgrowing his bunk bed haha.

4boysandacaravan travelling Australia as a family

 What are your go to snacks on the road for long drives?

Our go to snacks are apples, bananas, mandarines, crackers and wraps. The kids can’t get enough of these. 

And of course, What’s your most favourite thing about our bobo&boo bamboo camping dishes?

We love how lightweight and durable they are and the bright colours are a winner too!