Say goodbye to plastic bags and bottles, hello to non-plastic children’s plate sets!

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Non Plastic Children’s Plate Sets

Here at bobo&boo we are passionate about living cleaner, greener lives, which is why we are really excited about upcoming Clean Up Australia Day events.

• Business Clean Up Day: Tuesday 28 February 2017
• Schools Clean Up Day: Friday 3 March 2017
• Clean Up Australia Day: Sunday 5 March 2017

Core to our business is the desire to reduce the amount of plastic in the world and exposure to harmful toxins within even BPA-free plastics.

With this in mind, in the lead up to Clean Up Australia Day events, we wanted to share our top three tips for reducing plastics in your everyday lives and, by extension, the environment:

1. Buy non-plastic children’s plate sets. Better for your children’s health and the environment; look for non-plastic children’s plate sets made from natural, renewable and sustainable materials. For example, our non-plastic children’s plate sets are not only non-toxic to people, they are 100 per cent biodegradable and therefore non-toxic to the environment too. Click here for our recipe of the month

2. Say no to plastic bags. According to Clean Up Australia Day, Australians consume more than four billion supermarket plastic bags each year. Of these, just three per cent are recycled and the rest end up in our environment or in landfill. You can make a huge difference by recycling your plastic bags at participating supermarkets, or by taking your own re-useable non-plastic shopping bags with you.

Guess what?! Our non-plastic children’s plate sets are packaged using only biodegradable materials, so you can pop the packaging in the compost after unpacking it!

3. Stop buying bottled water. Plastic bottles are among the ten most common rubbish items picked up on Clean Up Australia Day. Plus over 90 per cent of the cost of a water bottle can be traced back to the bottle, lid and label. Australian tap water is world standard drinking water so it is the safe, cheap and sustainable option. So buy a non-plastic water bottle and fill up.

bobo&boo is an Australian based business selling non-plastic children’s plate sets to health conscious parents, their families and friends. Find out more about our non-plastic products: HERE
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