bobo&boo’s best picnic tips, complete with bamboo dinnerware sets!

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Boboboo’s Best Picnic Tips Complete With Bamboo Dinnerware Sets


Tis the season to break out the picnic blanket and bamboo dinnerware sets, and enjoy the great outdoors with the family. Whether you’re picnicking at the park or the beach, here’s our top five tips for making picnics fun for the whole family.

1. Embrace finger food. Anything that requires major on-site assemblage should be avoided. Our favourite finger foods include homemade dips, sushi, fruit skewers and cupcakes. Get some extra mileage out of the picnic by spending time with your kids in the kitchen preparing for the picnic together. Check out our Recipe of the Month, Flourless Chocolate Cupcakes>

2. Repel bugs naturally. A citronella candle probably won’t last too long in the Australian summer, but don’t resort to spraying toxic insect spray around your family, friends and food! Did you know foods like grapefruit and bananas naturally repel insects? Pack some of those in your picnic basket instead.

3. Say no to plastics. Now you have your food sorted, what to plate it up on? Our bamboo dinnerware sets, of course! Bright and cheerful, our bamboo dinnerware sets are the perfect addition to any picnic. Not only are you reducing waste, you’re protecting your family from the toxic chemicals in plastics – yes, even the BPA free plastics. Click here to find out how bamboo dinnerware sets are better than BPA free ones>

4. Take a game. Extend the life of your picnic by taking a few board or card games with you. Uno, Trouble, Connect Four and Monopoly (depending on how long you want to be out) are just a few ideas. All are easily transported and promise to keep everyone entertained after the food is gone.

5. Stay sun smart. Tis the season for picnicking … and sunburn, so remember to slip, slop, slap. Make sure you have plenty of water at hand and find a nice shady spot at the park or erect an umbrella at the beach. And remember that sunburn isn’t restricted to the summer months – UV radiation can be high even on cool and overcast days, so it’s important to be sun smart all year around.

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