Nailing Your Next Grazing Platter

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Nailing Your Next Grazing Platter

So your little human's next party is coming up and you're thinking how am I going pull off a super fun party, make sure there are some healthy options and the kids most of all have fun!

Well never fear mumma I've got you. Grazing tables are the hottest thing right now and rightly so they're abundant and you can fill them with goodies the kids and the big kids at heart will love. Say goodbye to cubed cheese and Jatz and back away from the kabana. Your grazing table should be filled with fresh seasonal fruit, beautiful meats, quality produce and tasty dips. Here are Bobo&Boo's top 4 tips to nailing your next grazing table.

Don't sacrifice quality.

Now we're not wanting you to break the bank but don't sacrifice quality. A good quality dip never goes astray and we have some tasty homemade ones you can whip up in minutes here, they don't have to be complicated, just super yummy. An insider tip our snack bowls are the perfect size for a delicious homemade dip.

Keep it colourful.

If there is a sure fire way to get the little ones interested it's to have an abundance of colour. Don't hold back on fresh fruit, nuts and seeds, they can add so much colour and texture not to mention a healthy addition which is always a win in our book. And as the old saying goes people eat with their eyes so keeping it colourful will always be a good idea.

Cheese, all of the cheese.

This one's pretty self-explanatory and I'm sure in a grazing platter rule book somewhere. Keep it cheesy, it's a good idea to have a few selections of different cheese for people who have milder tastes than those who enjoy cheese of a more stinky kind!

Go All out.

Last but not least on our top four tips, go all out, have some fun. Grazing tables are all about abundance and having treats that everybody will love. I don't think I've ever seen a grazing platter look 'too full' Go crazy. It's a good idea to have some little plates on hand for your guest to load up and find a seat and we might just know where you can find some amazing, colourful, non-toxic bamboo dishes your guests will love.