Kid Friendly Taco Recipe

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Kid Friendly Taco Recipe

Do you love taco-Tuesday in your home? It’s a winner in ours and with this kid friendly taco recipe the kids leave nothing in their bowls! So definitely one to try in your home!

While the way you get the tacos ready is no different to what you would normally do, it’s everything after that makes it a kid friendly taco recipe!

Get your beef mince and taco seasoning (mild) and cook it up. I love to add a little water at a time and cook it off. The bigger kids can help to cook it too – which means less work for you mum!

Tacos are always a quick and easy meal winner in our home, because they can be whipped together in under 15 minutes. YEP. Like I said, definitely kid friendly particularly after they’ve had a long day are care and they are just hungry and are over it.

Okay, so you’ve cooked your mince, and now you’re going to want to start prepping all your toppings. Usually there’s only the tomato, avocado and lettuce to chop – which again, get those kids helping!

Some toppings that we love to add on are: tomato, avocado, lettuce, cheese, corn, capsicum, beans and sometimes crushed corn chips; and of course sour cream. Now, this is where those snack bowls [link to snack bowls – currently only bamboo] will come in handy because it will allow the kids to pick and choose what they are wanting with ease and they can see everything that’s on offer!

We love to use the mini boats for the kids and whatever I grab first for us adults. The mini boats for the kids mean less mess, because they are easier to hold and fill.

You can obviously do this with nachos and enchiladas too! Whatever works at your home, but the biggest tip to make it kid friendly? Use the snack bowls so that everyone can feel independent and feel like they are having a say in what’s getting added to their plate for dinner.


Are you a Mexican-dish loving household?