7 Green Bean Exposure Activities

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kids hands holding a bento plate with vegetables in the compartments

7 Green Bean Exposure Activities

Did you know it can take numerous “exposures” before a child will even try (let alone eat and enjoy) a new food?

The good news is that “exposure” doesn’t just mean tasting. Seeing, smelling, touching, and hearing all count as exposures.

If you want your kiddo to get familiar with green beans this holiday, here are a few exposure opportunities that don’t involve pressuring them to eat 👉

1. Helping pick them out 🛒
2. Helping to wash them 💦
3. Trimming the ends with scissors ✂️ my kids jump at the chance to cut anything. 4. Drawing green beans - longest one gets a treat!
5. Snap contest - who’s got the loudest beans? 👂
6. Counting peas 🫛 who knew you’d be getting STEM with your stems.

7. A crunch contest 😬 if you get this far you just might get a bite too! but even if you don’t, these activities help to familiarise your kiddo with a new or learning to like food and just might be the bridge between “no way” and “ill give it a try.”

Let us know if you try one and how it goes 👍