4 Mouthwatering But Simple French Toast Recipes

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french toast recipes for the entire family

4 Mouthwatering But Simple French Toast Recipes 

Check out our scrumptious and playful French toast recipes that'll wow kids and parents alike! 

french toast on a bamboo plate

Try these four mouthwatering favourites:


  1. Berrylicious Brioche: Dip thick slices of brioche in a mix of beaten eggs, a splash of milk, and a dash of vanilla. Cook until golden brown, then top with fresh berries and a drizzle of maple syrup for a burst of sweetness.
  2. Cinnamon Roll Delight: Roll bread slices with a mixture of cream cheese and cinnamon sugar, then dip them in an egg wash. Fry to golden perfection and sprinkle with powdered sugar. It's a French toast twist on a classic cinnamon roll!
  3. Choco-Chip Dream: Spread Nutella between two slices of bread, creating a yummy sandwich. Dip it in a mixture of eggs and milk, then cook until gooey and golden. Top with chocolate chips for a dreamy delight!
  4. Fruity Rainbow Toast: Cut bread into fun shapes and dip them in a colorful mix of beaten eggs and milk. Cook until golden, then arrange the slices in a rainbow pattern on the plate. Add fresh fruit slices on top for a burst of vibrant flavors.

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