How to be a plastic free gift giver - Our 5 top tips

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Plastic Free Giver

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Whether you’re looking to gently encourage plastic free gift giving, or attempting to be a plastic free gift giver, this is the blog for you!

Ideas for plastic free gift givers

1) Books: Go for a plastic free soft cover and write a nice message inside. If you want to be a really environmentally friendly plastic free gift giver, you could give the gift of a pre-loved book. I know I still have one favourite book from when I was a child.

2) Experiences: There are a bunch of websites from which you can purchase an experience, and they all email the gift certificate to you. To be extra environmentally friendly plastic free gift giver, print on recycled paper – or send it on as an eGift. Think surfing lessons, movies, local wildlife park or even something as crazy as a ride in hot air balloon!

3) Homemade – Here is an opportunity to get creative with the family! Frame a finger painting. Make key rings, bookmarks, soaps or candles. Cook something special… Some great natural DIY here. Falling into this category of plastic free gift giver comes with extra brownie points for thought and effort.

4) Plant-based & bamboo dinnerware sets: Our favourite type of plastic free gift giver! Practical, pretty and ideal for the plastic free gift giver, our plant-based & bamboo dinnerware sets are even biodegradable. We even have a new camping range for the whole family!

Speaking of packaging …

5) Plastic free gift givers who want to take it to the next level should:

  • Reuse gift bags or wrapping paper gifted to you
  • Buy recycled wrapping paper or gift bags made from recycled paper
  • Use twine instead of tape
  • Try furoshiki – wrapping with fabric

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Non-plastic children’s plate sets are just the start.