Easy Christmas Meal Magic: Quick and Creative Food Art Ideas!

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Christmas Themes Kids Snack Platter

Easy Christmas Meal Magic: Quick and Creative Food Art Ideas!

Ah, you know that feeling when kids are just bursting with excitement for Christmas?

kids eating Christmas out of our bamboo cup

It's so catchy, right? Imagine this: making their holidays even more awesome with some yummy Christmas snacks that'll make them super happy. But hey, I know how crazy busy things can get during the holidays. That's why I've got some super quick and easy recipes that'll help us make fantastic Christmas treats without adding to our holiday craziness.

Festive skewers

cheese, cucumber, ham & tomato Christmas skewers for kids

 To make Christmas tree skewers, thread 2 cherry tomatoes, 2 chunky half slices of cucumber and top each one off with the show stopper: a star cut out of a chunky slice of cheese.

For delicious Santa skewers you will need white marshmallows, sliced bananas, strawberries & a mini marshmallow to complete the tip.

Cheeky reindeers

Christmas pancake for kidskids reindeer plates 

These can be made from corn thins, bread/toast or pancakes. All you need is a couple of pretzels for the antennas (and one for a mouth if you want to add one). For a more healthy option you can create edible eyes by cutting small circles from apples or sliced bananas for the white of the eye, adding blueberries for the iris.

The nose can be a raspberry, strawberry, or for a naughty option go for a jaffa!

 The elf

elf inspired food art for kids

To make the base for your elf’s face, cut a circle from a piece of bread (you can use one of our cups to do this). Similar to the reindeer you can use banana slices and grapes for the eyes, pretzels for the ears and strawberry for the nose. Arrange the hat using a slice of banana, half a strawberry topped off with a small cucumber slice. You can even make 2 circles to layer for a sandwich with peanut butter or any of your favourite fillings. For the gluten free mamas, this could also work with corn thins!

Time Poor Christmas Inspired Meals

Christmas inspired meals for kids

And if you are super time poor (like me)! Just make your food as per normal and add Christmas accessories such as a santa napkin ☺ Ta-da!

Hoping you have an awesome Christmas X