6 Ways To Celebrate Halloween While Being Eco-conscious

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6 Ways To Celebrate Halloween While Being Eco-conscious

6 Ways To Celebrate Halloween While Being Eco-conscious

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It's that time of year where you and the kids get to let your inner ghost out and go hunting for yummy treasures, but Halloween doesn't have to be a strain on the environment, here's my 5 Ways to celebrate Halloween while being Eco-conscious and having heaps of fun.

Re-use that pumpkin!

The options are endless, use the insides for soup (who doesn't love pumpkin soup). Roast the seeds for snacks or pop them in a salad. Don't forget to pop the empty skulls in the compost. The worms will love you for it and if you don't have a compost, ask a neighbour who does.

Try a sustainable costume

In the US alone the costume industry has an income of over 2.5 billion and the worst part is most of those costumes end up in landfill. So what can we do to help this? Get a little creative, why not try a DIY costume this year? Or head to your local thrift store and put together a masterpiece or use an older siblings costume from a previous year.

Try using healthy low waste treats.

It wouldn't be Halloween without a few treats but there are a few easy ways to limit waste, you could make some yummy low sugar gummies that the kids will just love, you can find a recipe here. Or try hunting around for foil candy wrappers which are recyclable or better yet see if you can find some wrappers which are bio-degradable. Homemade snacks are always a winner and homemade doesn't have to mean slaving in the kitchen all day.

Reusable decorations

You don't have to spend a fortune on decorations each year, why not try making your own. Most importantly you'll save a few dollars and also limit your single-use plastic. Toilet rolls can be your best friend. Get together some paper plates, some glue and you'll be good to go, the only limit is your imagination. Instead of electric lights, why not give solar power a go. Or again head to the local op shop/thrift store to reuse and make something new again. Also our Bamboo plates make an awesome base for Halloween inspired platters & can be reused everyday

Use reusable bags

No need for plastic bags for the kids to store their treats why not try a reusable trick or treat bag. Use an old pillowcase (You could let the kids decorate these themselves) or even a bobo&boo bowl which will limit the portions too *winning*

Remember to have fun

As much as we'd like to see a zero waste Halloween, do your best with what's in front of you, encourage those around you to make small changes also. But don't be THAT lady running around with pieces of fruit and a lecture on plastic at the ready.