Plant-Based 3 Pack of Bowls - Lagoon (600ml)

**Oh no! These eco goodies are sold out :( They will be back in stock in the New Year but in the mean time why not grab some individualshere!**

Warning: serious #BowlGoals ahead.

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What’s round, cute, good for the planet, and can handle all the nuggets you throw at in them? Our new plant-based bowls are made from all-natural sustainable crop fibres, making them THE most eco-friendly dinnerware on the planet.

Free from BPAs, toxins, and melamine (adiós, nasties!), these beauties are 100% biodegradable and compostable, which means they'll go on to have another life if your toddler decides to hide them in the garden. Better yet, they're microwave and dishwasher safe so that you can spend less time in the kitchen and more time doing what matters, like tackling that massive pile of laundry.

Easily stackable with generous (yet kiddie-friendly) dimensions, and available in two stunning colourways, these plant-based bowls are here to make mealtime better – for you and the planet.

Product details:

  • Designed in Australia
  • Thoughtfully made from sustainable plant products 
  • 13.5 x 5cm bowls -1 green, 1 blue & 1 grey
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe
  • Biodegradable and compostable
  • Free from BPA, toxins, and melamine
  • Available in two colourways - Lagoon or Tropical

Bobo&Boo has created durable, eco-friendly dinnerware that can withstand even the fiercest of toddler tantrums. However, we can’t 100% guarantee that our bamboo and plant-based products won’t break when dropped or thrown - especially by a grumpy threenager who doesn’t want to eat their vegetables. The good news is that they won’t shatter like glass or ceramics, but may chip or crack if hurled against hard surfaces. We recommend you treat your bobo&boo goods like you treat your Little Boos: thoughtfully, patiently, and with lots of love.

Available colours

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Customer Reviews

Based on 54 reviews
Steph G

Super happy with these, did a lot of research to find toxin free alternative to our silicon dinnerware which was getting a bad taste and turning kids off their food. Love that they are dishwasher AND microwave safe.

Sara L
LOVE this collection

I spent a lot of time researching plastic alternatives and I couldn't be happier with these plates and bowls- we use them every day! I LOVE that they're plant-based. The lip on the plates makes scooping up food easier for my little one who is still trying to master cutlery. The bowls are great for him to carry around his snacks. The poppy colors are fun and easy to spot amongst the toys when I need to go around collecting them at the end of the day. One of my favorite things is I can put them in the dishwasher for easy cleaning, and they're stackable. I already ordered a second set of bowls and am on the waiting list for a second set of plates.

Pernilla Furey
Love these!!

I bought 4 of these grey bowls after my kids smashed 3 ceramic bowls in a week!
I had been looking for some bamboo bowls in a neutral Colour for a while and finally came across these! Love the shape and durability. I just wish there were more neutral colours and that they cold packs of the grey rather than having to buy separates.
A great product!

Great feedback, we'll see what we can do in the future to include grey sets. So glad to hear you're loving them too!
With love, Hanako (Bobo&boo Customer Happiness Seeker)

Valerie Efros
Great overall!

Overall these are great. Love that they can safely go in the microwave and bottom dishwasher rack. I do wish they also made them in a different bowl shape too because these aren’t great for things like yogurt and soup due to the size/depth. Also wish they came in more colors! We’ve never had an issue until recently when we had two with random big cracks after being in the microwave, but they immediately sent us a new pack even though it had been more than a year since we bought them, great customer service!

Yen Vu
Amazing bowls for kids and service couldn't fault

I reached out as one of my bowls had cracked however I had them for past the warranty period and Naomi was so professionally and understanding and kind enough to offer to replace them for me. Service has blown me away and I have continually told all my mum friends how amazing the products really are.

Thank you so much Yen! Appreciate your kind words and support :) Naomi, Chief Boo

Evelina Curtis
Great product

Kids love them, easy to hold and hold quite a bit of food.

Thanks Evelina :) your kids have such great taste!!
Warmest, Hanako (Bobo&boo Customer Happiness Seeker)

Nice size and depth

We love our 600ml bowls. Got one as part of the tropical gift set then purchased several more.

Thanks mrsliwang. Love hearing that you're a fan of the dimensions Naomi chose for the plant-based bowls - they're just right hey! :) With love, Hanako (Bobo&boo Customer Happiness Rep)

Love These!

I love these. And I love the colors. Buying more.

Maya K
These are great

Lightweight, surviving being flung to the floor, dishwasher safe and don’t seem to hold on to smells the way silicone does. Very happy!

Rasha AlMahroos
Great quality!

Love these bowls. The quality is excellent and they look good too.