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The Wholesale Plant-Based Dinnerware STARTER PACK

Introducing our Plant-based Starter Pack which showcases our super popular plant-based range

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Our colourful goodness is going to look incredible on your shelves,  both in-store and online.

With two stunning colour combos to choose from, each set makes the perfect gift for any lover of kid-friendly, stylish dinnerware that’s good for the planet. And even better, no wrapping is required with gift boxes that are almost as beautiful as the dishes themselves!

Our much loved plant-based range is microwave safe, dishwasher safe, compostable & biodegradable. 

We are a bit obsessed and reckon your customers will be too. 🥳  

Create a tropical oasis in-store now and order yours while they're hot! 

This Starter Pack comes with:

3 Piece Dinnerware Set Lagoon x 2

3 Piece Dinnerware Set Tropical x 2

3 Pack of Cups Lagoon x 2

3 Pack of Cups Tropical x 2

3 Pack of Bowls Lagoon x 2

3 Pack of Bowls Tropical x 2

3 Pack of Plates Lagoon x 2

3 Pack of Plates Tropical x 2

3 Pack of Cutlery Lagoon x 2

3 Pack of Cutlery Tropical x 2

RRP $715 | Wholesale $357.50 | This Special $299

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